More Music From The Inbox 6 July 2016: White Lies, The Big Bend, Signal and More!

Artist: White Lies, “Take It Out On Me”

Album: Friends

White Lies

Another brilliant London band I’ve been watching

Sounds like:  Doing what is needed to be there


Artist: The Big Bend, “Celebrate”

Album: Celebrate

The Big Bend

Great stuff out of Pittsburgh

Sounds like:  You just gotta!


Artist: Signal, “Still Right Here”

Album: N/A


I love this stuff from a great Brooklyn duo.

Sounds like:  Slow jam stunner


Artist: Gringo Star, “Rotten”

Album: The Sides and In Between

Gringo Star

I love the sound of this Atlanta band!

Sounds like:  Familiar yet brand new


Artist: Zolita, “Holy”

Album: N/A


New York City is home to this creative talent

Sounds like:  A message to share


Artist: Stone Cold Fox, “Change My Mind”

Album: Tunnel Vision

Stone Cold Fox

More goodness out of the bottomless pit of talent in Brooklyn

Sounds like:  Brilliance in sound and mind


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