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More Music From The Inbox 6 Sept 2017 Billy Bragg, Worms & Bugs, Buffalo Killers and More!

Artist: Billy Bragg, “Why We Build The Wall”

Album: N/A

I feel like I’ve been listening to him forever.  For a reason.

Sounds like:  the times


Artist: Worms & Bugs, “Container”

Album: Container

Great stuff out of Austin

Sounds like:  Midi maxi fun


Artist: Buffalo Killers, “Parachute”

Album: Alive and Well in Ohio

Not so surprisingly out of Ohio!

Sounds like:  The return of rock!


Artist: Fink, “Not Everything Was Better In The Past”

Album: N/A

Sharing time between Berlin and the UK

Sounds like:  a reminder of quieter Tragically Hip


Artist: Stacey, “Trouble Is”

Album: N/A

Passionate sounds out of Toronto

Sounds like: you know that feeling


Artist: Alaskalaska, “Patience”

Album: N/A

I am digging the sounds out of London

Sounds like:  the wonderful fusion of art-pop


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