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More Music From The Inbox 7 Dec 2016: Starbass, White Lies, Guillotine and More!

Artist: Starbass, “Love’s Little Curses”

Album: Distant Signals


Brilliant electronics out of Salt Lake City, Utah

Sounds like: A dark re-examination


Artist: White Lies, “Hold Back Your Love”

Album: Friends


I’ve been following this London band for a long while now.

Sounds like:  A strangely emotional dance track


Artist: Guillotine, “Sapphire”

Album: N/A


Another brilliant new UK band!

Sounds like:  Heart and fire


Artist: Columbo, “Made In The UK”

Album: We Know Who You Are


Great story:  “Recorded and filmed in 1999, Columbo’s “Made In The UK” single and video was never released, as the band’s relationship with the V2 label went sour just before the release.”

Sounds like:  Classic Brit sound and vision


Artist: The Veldt, “In A Quiet Room”

Album: The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur


Classic stuff from the always amazing band.

Sounds like:  The true breath of shoegaze


Artist: MUNA, “Loudspeaker (Absofacto remix)”

Album: About U


Totally interesting stuff from this L.A. outfit

Sounds like:  A multitude of styles melded together


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