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More Music From The Inbox 7 Jan 2015 Totem, Spoon River, Ashestoangels and More!

Artist: Totem, “Lo-Fi”

Album: N/A


Gotta love the voice of this artist/producer.

Sounds like: Nothing but heart


Artist: Spoon River, “In The Parking Lot Of The Swamp Museum”  

Album: The New Sun Ahhhhh Hotel

Spoon River

Fantastic and fun band out of Vancouver

Sounds like: Ummm, okay, sure!


Artist: Ashestoangels, “Bury Us In Black”

Album: Horror Cult


Interesting and different stuff out of Bristol in the UK

Sounds like: Rock/metal mix of joy


Artist: Ezra X Dunlop, “Not Enough ft. Tyson”

Album: N/A

Ezra X Dunlop

Great listening from the new Therapy label.

Sounds like: Need vs want


Artist: Bat Manors, “Manifest Destiny”

Album: Literally Weird

Bat Manors

Out of Utah and exploring some important themes

Sounds like: A brand new ode to life


Artist: Cool Ghouls, “What A Dream I Had”

Album: A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye

Cool Ghouls

Should we be surprised they are out of San Francisco?

Sounds like: So retro and so new


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