More Music From The Inbox 7 June 2017 Single Mothers, Dead Heavens, New Swears and More!

Artist: Single Mothers, “Leash”

Album: N/A

Impressive Toronto band with a big following

Sounds like:  Real rock sensibility


Artist: Dead Heavens, “Adderall Highway”

Album: N/A

A band out of NYC that I’ve been following for a while

Sounds like:  Great retro feel!


Artist: New Swears, “Halos In Hell”

Album: N/A

Awesome Ottawa band

Sounds like:  A hint of Clash/Joe Strummer in here


Artist: Marnie, “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”

Album: Strange Words and Weird Wars

I love the sound from this Scottish talent

Sounds like: You can feel the dark surround


Artist: Powerflo, “Victim of Circumstance”

Album: N/A

LA is home to this hard sound

Sounds like:  A solid meshing of influences


Artist: Jack Spann, “Beautiful Man From Mars”

Album: Beautiful Man From Mars

Demo work for Bowie’s Blackstar inspired this

Sounds like:  Simple and passionate


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