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More Music From The Inbox, 7 Sep 2016: Operators, In Drift, Motion Graphics and More!

Artist: Operators, “Cold Light”

Album: Blue Wave


Beautiful alt rock sounds from this Canadian band.

Sounds like: When reality settles in


Artist: In Drift, “Wise In Time”

Album: N/A

In Drift

Brilliant dream pop band from Toronto

Sounds like:  Lessons learned the hard way


Artist: Motion Graphics, “Houzzfunction”

Album: Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Brooklyn based and full of creative energy

Sounds like:  Mindcloud explorations


Artist: Branches, “Burn”

Album: White Flag


Latest single from this fantastic San Francisco outfit

Sounds like:  Decisions on the road of life


Artist: OctoSide, “Flowers”

Album: Ended Plays


This Italian group is going places.

Sounds like:  A little reminiscent of Florence and the Machine


Artist: Wons Phreely + The Horses, “Stars”

Album: N/A

Wons Phreely

Intrigue out of the L.A. scene.

Sounds like:  Looking up with wonder and questions


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