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More Music From The Inbox 08 Jan 2014: Uzzi, The Shallow Seas, Melissa Endian and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Uzzi, “Luminous”

Album: N/A


Let’s kick-off with some grand DJ beats from Greece!

Sounds like:  A monster sound attack


Artist: The Shallow Seas, “Songbird”

Album: Into The Barrow

Shallow Seas

Hello Toronto!  This 3 piece has some interesting stuff…new EP coming soon.

Sounds like:  A classic remade



Artist: Melissa Endian, “I Could Be Your Boi”

Album: N/A

Melissa Endean

Vancouver based and bringing some much needed female vocals to the alt-pop genre…

Sounds like:  Alt-pop dreams


Artist: Rolla Olak, “Waiting For You”

Album: N/A

Rolla Olak

Another Vancouver songster who really caught my ear.

Sounds like:  Definite hint of Blue Rodeo


Artist: Parola, “Money, Never Enough”

Album: N/A


This band is from Slovenia and has a great, unique sound

Sounds like:  Punk meets Kinks


Artist: I Divide, “Follow Me”

Album: N/A

I Divide

These guys are from Exeter in the UK and have quite the following.

Sounds like:  A nice mix of alt, metal and punk


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