More Music From The Inbox 8 Jun 2016 Outer Spaces, Scarlet Canary, A.Chal and More!

Artist: Outer Spaces, “Born Enemy”

Album: A Shedding Snake

Outer Spaces 2

Out of Baltimore and continuing to bring great sounds

Sounds like:  You know who you are


Artist: Scarlet Canary, “Bottles and Anchors”

Album: Arise

Scarlet Canary

Out of Denver, Colorado and bringing it hard

Sounds like:  Some much needed rock!


Artist: A.Chal, “Gazi”

Album: Welcome To Gazi


Intriguing artist who is making a lot of noise

Sounds like:  Atmospherics and moments of truth


Artist: Mayer Hawthorne, “Man About Town”

Album: Man About Town

Mayer Hawthorne

Something a little different by way of a short film made of three long form videos for songs

Sounds like:  Storytelling


Artist: Fascinations Grand Chorus, “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love”

Album: Fascinations Grand Chorus

Fascinations Grand Chorus

Brooklyn/Jersey combo of rival songwriters

Sounds like:  Telling the truth, right?


Artist: Amos Lee, “Vaporize”

Album: N/A

Amos Lee

Philadelphia is home to this impressive talent

Sounds like:  Time to disappear


Larry Lootsteen

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