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More Music From The Inbox 8 Mar 2017 Juliana Hatfield, Powernerd, Moglii and More!

Artist: Juliana Hatfield, “Impossible Song”

Album: Pussycat

Impressive stuff from this Boston based artist

Sounds like:  When you know but you don’t but you do


Artist: Powernerd, “Testosterossa”

Album: Testosterossa

Incredible synthwave out of Vienna, Austria

Sounds like:  Speed kills, deliciously!


Artist: Moglii, “Breath ft. Island Fox”

Album: Naboo

Very cool stuff out of Germany

Sounds like: When you stop and take a moment


Artist: Jon Campos And The Incurables, “Tragic Tales & Lullabies”

Album: Tragic Tales & Lullabies

Out of San Diego with a classic sound

Sounds like:  Epic storytelling


Artist: Aish, “Migrant”

Album: N/A

Unique stuff out of San Francisco

Sounds like:  The story of us all


Artist: Emmet Fenn, “Modern Flame (ft. Yuna)”

Album: N/A

Out of Berkeley, California and quickly building a following.

Sounds like:  It’s all about the feeling


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