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More Music From The Inbox 8 Nov 2017 Mashrou’ Leila, Hello Psychaleppo, Souad Massi and More!

Artist: Mashrou’ Leila, “Bint El Khandaq”

Album: N/A

Lebanon is home to this insanely talented band

Sounds like:  floating through space and time


Artist: Hello Psychaleppo, “Anqa”

Album: Toyour

Intriguing stuff from this Syrian artist based out of Minnesota

Sounds like:  electro-Bedouin sounds?


Artist: Souad Massi, “Bima el Taaloul”

Album: El Mutakallimun

Based out of Paris with a signature sound

Sounds like:  A story through dance


Artist: Orville Peck, “Dead of Night”

Album: N/A

A purposefully vague and talented guy!

Sounds like: the loss of a dream


Artist: Helen Kelter Skelter, “Guud”

Album: Melter

Dirty  sounds out of Oklahoma

Sounds like:  messy psych fun


Artist: Typhoon, “Wake/Rorschach/Empiricist/Algernon”

Album: Floodplains

Floodplains is the first movement from a bigger release called “Offerings” coming soon

Sounds like:  drama on an epic scale


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