More Music From The Inbox 8 Oct 2014 The Strypes, Disclosure, Strand of Oaks and More!

Artist: The Strypes, “You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover”

Album: Snapshot

The Strypes

I just like this Irish band. A lot.

Sounds like: Simple truths


Artist: Disclosure, “The Mechanism”  

Album: Settle


Some bands just grab you you. This is one.

Sounds like: Kraftwerk


Artist: Strand of Oaks, “Heal”

Album: Rented World

Strand of Oaks

This Philadelphia band really hits all the right notes.

Sounds like: A little Steely Dan meets Steve Winwood


Artist: Phox, “Slow Motion”

Album: Phox


We need to pay more attention to bands out of Wisconsin!

Sounds like: A bit of Saint Vincent


Artist: Alonestar, “Doin’ Whatcha Do ft Blaise”

Album: Doin’ Watcha Do


Out of London with the feeling.

Sounds like: A storyteller tellin’ it


Artist: The Holy Mess, “Speak Uneasy”

Album: Comfort In The Discord

The Holy Mess

Another Philly band putting it all out there

Sounds like: What punk is supposed to be


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