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More Music From The Inbox 9 Apr 2014 Ladykiller Caterpillar, Bobb Shaw, Narcs and More!

Artist: Ladykiller Caterpillar, “Threadbare”
Album: Ladykiller Caterpillar
Ladykiller Caterpillar

This Edinburgh band has some killer sounds. This track shows some remarkable depth as well.

Sounds like: Laid wide open


Artist: Bobb Shaw, “Whiskey”
Album: Stars Will Fall
Bobb Shaw

I love the sound from this West Yorkshire solo artist…

Sounds like: Mixed drink of alternative with a splash of country


Artist: Narcs, “19”
Album: Two Birds, One Stone Later

Another great band from Leeds

Sounds like: A rough ride


Artist: Mori, “I Know It’s Over”
Album: Mori

Really interesting band out of Montreal

Sounds like: An ethereal mix of pop and alternative sensibility


Artist: Jef Barbara, “Song For The Loveshy”
Album: Soft To The Touch
Jef Barbara

Staying in Montreal, there’s an existential feel to their music.

Sounds like: 80’s alternative meets today…


Artist: Vedas, “Mis Rajh”
Album: Exhume

Washington D.C. based dream-pop duo…

Sounds like: Swirling emotion


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