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More Music From The Inbox 9 Jul 2014 Sinners To Saints, Sycamour, Mother Leads and More!

Artist: Sinners To Saints, “Vessels”

Album: The Greatest of These

Sinners To Saints

Great Pennsylvania metal band…

Sounds like: When you can’t be contained


Artist: Sycamour, “The Renaissance”

Album: La Deuxieme


Hard not to like the edge to this Michigan band’s sound.

Sounds like: A rebirth of sorts


Artist: Mother Leads, “It’s a Feeling”

Album: Myriad

Mother Leads

Out of Ajax, Ontario and building a loyal following…

Sounds like: Telling and being told


Artist: Pyro, Ohio, “Before The Sun Sets”

Album: Before The Sun Sets

Pyro Ohio

This Virginia band really blows the roof off

Sounds like: It’s coming and you better be ready


Artist: Contentions, “Hollow Vessels”

Album: Lost Lights


This Ohio band really made me take notice. Brilliant talent.

Sounds like: Breathing, reacting, on the verge


Artist: Dreaming Awake, “Game Over”

Album: Circumstances

Dreaming Awake

Out of Tucson, Arizona and bringing it hard

Sounds like: When it’s done…


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