September 26, 2023
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More Music From The Inbox – Best of 2013 – Larry Edition

[I’ve asked all the contributing writers to this site to give me their Top 10 recommendations from all the Music from the Inbox columns they’ve sent in this year.  Let’s begin with Larry Lootsteen. – AC]

Best of 2013 – #10

Artist: Japanfour, “Denman’s Fallen Empire”


The basic premise for me was the gruff and growling.  Tom Waits is a constant favourite so this hit home for me.


Best of 2013 – #9

Artist: Military Arcade, “Why We Fight”

Military Arcade

Another up-and-comer that is making noise.  Punk roots driving some prog rock noise!



Best of 2013 – #8

Artist: Kassoma, “Control”


So many times a great song for me entails that slow build that pulls you in.  Love the journey of this one.



Best of 2013 – #7

Artist: 8 Kilómetros, “Analgésicos

8 Kilometros

I love to explore the world, especially musically, and these guys had something in their sound that reached out to me.



Best of 2013 – #6

Artist: Hey Marseilles, “Bright Stars Burning”

Hey Merseilles

As I am a Death Cab fan, this grabbed me on first listen.  Others i played this for took a few listens to get it.  Take a few turns with it.  It will be worth it.



Best of 2013 – #5

Artist: of Verona, “Dark In My Imagination”

of Verona

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the influences here.  A bit of Trent.  A little Numan.  A stunning display that really hits home.



Best of 2013 – #4

Artist: BIRD, “Ophelia”


A song that left me wandering the streets feeling exposed, followed and so Ihit repeat and kept myself on edge.



Best of 2013 – #3

Artist: Dig Lazarus, “Dexter”


I like punk.  These guys are punk.  And doing it very well.  This one stayed on my playlist all year.




Best of 2013 – #2

Artist: Wullae Wright, “UFO”

Wullae Wright

As Radiohead falls into my permanent ‘best bands’ list, I was naturally attracted to the sound here.  Very reminiscent of their early work and bodes well for what is yet to come.


The Orange Line by Wullae Wright

Best of 2013 – #1

Artist: Dials, “Alt The Same”


This may seem an odd choice for me.  I have written about Dials before.  I really like this band.  I chose this song because it showed me something more.  It showed a range and some different emotion than I’d heard before.  This is an honest examination and really holds up well on many listens.




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