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Music Tech Consulting partners with the Largest Web3 Event in Canada

Music Tech Consulting is excited to announce our partnership with the Largest Web3 Event in Canada and we are giving away 3 PAIRS OF FREE TICKETS! 

The 5th Annual Blockchain Futurist Conference this August 15-16, in Toronto at Rebel & Cabana, brings together 6500+ attendees and 200+ speakers in a Web3 festival extravaganza!  Winners will be announced in early July. 

Here is a sample of the entertainment industry related topics and talks:

  • Beyond the Hype: NFTs and the Future of Digital Ownership
  • The Art of NFTs: How Digital Art is Disrupting the Traditional Art World
  • The Legal Landscape of NFTs: Intellectual Property and Copyright Issues
  • The Dark Side of NFTs: Environmental Impacts and Ethical Considerations
  • The Impact of NFTs on Traditional Markets: Art, Music, Sports, and More
  • NFTs and the Empowerment of Digital Creatives: Building a New Creative Economy

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