Musical New Year’s Resolutions from AJoMT Writer Nerhys

I always looks for new ways to bring music into my life, and the New Year offers the perfect chance to set goals. I’m keeping my resolutions list short and sweet.

This year I want to do two things in particular to make my life a little more musical.

  1. Attend at least two concerts
    • While I did get the chance to go to North by Northeast in 2017, I unfortunately didn’t make it out to any other concert during the year. I want to make it a priority to get to at least two live performances this year. It doesn’t matter to me if they are massive stadium shows or small gigs at a dive bar. As long as the musicians put on a good show, I’m happy.
    • One concert I hope to catch is the TSO’s “Love, Lust, and Rock & Roll”. My background is in classical music, and I can’t resist rock music played on orchestral instruments.
  2. Make time to discover more “new to me” music
    • I’m sure we can all agree that sometimes life gets in the way of things. In the past year I rarely made time to explore the depths of Spotify and Soundcloud to explore music and musicians I have never heard before that was not directly related to my weekly New Music from the Inbox contribution. This year I plan to make the time to discover “new to me” music.
    • I say “new to me” rather than “new” because there is a wealth of music from years past that I have never heard before. Being the first to discover the next biggest up and coming musician has never been a goal of mine. I’m content to hear great music from any year that I have never heard.

Do you have any music related resolutions this year?

Let me know if there are any Toronto-area shows you think I should check out this year!

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and musical 2018.

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