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Musician Wellness Event at Signal Creative

Calling all musicians! Are you finding it hard to take care of your physical and mental well being while trying to earn a living?

If so, you should attend the Wellness Event at Signal Creative and learn how to manage stress as well as learn practices that will help increase your productivity.

Join Leisa Bellmore from the Toronto Western Hospital’s Artists’ Health Centre as she leads Signal’s first workshop on wellness and self-care for musicians and creators.

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About this Event
Introducing the Artists’ Health Centre. On May 22nd, Signal will be hosting our first workshop on wellness and self-care for musicians and creators alike. The workshop and discussion will be lead by Leisa Belmore, a shiatsu therapist from the Toronto Western Hospital’s Artists’ Health Centre. Admission is free for Signal members and $5 for non-members with proceeds going to the Artists Health Centre.

Most of us know the importance of staying mentally and physically fit with the daily demands that are placed on us but few of us have the tools and strategies to help us get there. These workshops are designed to give participants a good overview of specific topics along with techniques and simple training. Participants will leave with takeaway materials for future reference and practice.

What to Expect

This is an experiential workshop that is part discussion and part demonstration of techniques that will guide participants through using them. We will focus on a variety of effective strategies, including breathing exercises, stretching, mindfulness practices, self-shiatsu and acupressure.

You’ll learn about.

short term and long term effects of stress
beneficial effects of stress
the importance of self-care
solutions for living well with stress
simple, effective strategies that can fit into your daily routine

You can read more about it here and get your tickets here.

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