Musicians Who Have Asked Trump Not to Use Their Music

For the entirety of his campaign Donald Trump has annoyed and angered people left and right. On that list includes families of fallen veterans, women, and musicians. Here is a list of musicians and bands who have told Trump that he does not have permission to use their music.

Neil Young

While outspoken liberal gave Bernie Sanders permission to use his music during his campaign for the Democrat nomination, he told Trump last June to not use his song “Rockin’ in the Free World” at events.

Steven Tyler from Aerosmith

If the billionaire real estate mogul didn’t stop playing “Dream On” on the campaign trail, he could have faced a lawsuit from Aerosmith’s front man.

The Rolling Stones

The Stones have taken to Twitter on numerous occasions to inform the world that they have never given the Republican nominee permission to use their music.


The British songstress might be a fiscal conservative, however she has barred all politicians from using her music for political events. When “Rolling in the Deep” was used as walk-on music for Trump at various rallies, the pop icon was none too happy and released a statement reiterating her lack of permission.


When the band found out that Trump used “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”, they were not at all happy. Bassist Mike Mills was so unhappy about it, he took to Twitter with a bit of profanity.

Luciano Pavarotti’s Widow

The famous opera singer’s widow found out that one of her late husband’s most famous songs, “Nessun dorma”, was being used at Trump events and was displeased. She wrote a strongly worded letter stating that her late husband’s views did not match up with those of Donald Trump.

George Harrison’s Estate

Yet another Twitter post against Trump’s use of their music during his campaign.

Paul Rodgers

The British singer is having his lawyers deal with the Republican National Convention’s use of his song “All Right Now”.


Back in July, Queen posted to Twitter about their displeasure when Trump used “We Are the Champions” at a convention appearance.

Twisted Sister

Originally, Trump was given permission to use the glam metal band’s music. However, when the band found out Trump’s beliefs did not align with their own, they rescinded their permission.

White Stripes

Jack White wasn’t pleased to hear “Seven Nation Army” at a Trump rally, so he retaliated this way.

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