Musicians Buried With Weird Stuff Just Like the Pharoahs

Many cultures have buried their dead with things they believe they’ll need in the afterlife.  Nice idea, but then we eventually came along and dug it all up.  Right, King Tut?

Our modern pharoahs have followed in this practice.  Bob Marley went to his final resting place with plenty of weed.  Frank Sinatra went to the great beyond equipped with a flask of Jack Daniels.  And Whitney Houston will spend eternity wearing $500,000 worth of jewels.  Some things never change, huh?

The Houston Chronicle lists these and seven other musicians who tried to take it with them.

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One thought on “Musicians Buried With Weird Stuff Just Like the Pharoahs

  • Why not? People thought the Pharoahs were locked in with the whole divine-knowledge thing, just like Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra and… Okay, maybe not Whitney. But you know what I mean. A good lyricist is somebody who sees as obvious things that might not jump out at the rest of us. And Alan Moore has stated better than I can the awesome magical powers of the Bard…

    More than that, I reckon it's mostly just about grieving. You wanna give something back to someone who opened your eyes or whatever. Yes?


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