My Favourite CD Easter Egg EVER

If you were into music in the very early 90s, you might remember a band called the Information Society, a Minnesota group that had a hit with this song.

That was essentially the band’s only big song, but it didn’t stop them from putting out a ton of music. One of their more interesting records was a 1992 album entitled Peace and Love, Inc.  It got great reviews but it sank without a trace, probably because grunge-y guitars had pretty much supplanted synths and samples in the alt-world universe.

Of the 12 tracks on the CD, the final one was the most interesting.  If you played it on a CD player, it sounded like a fax machine.  (Remember that in ’92, fax machines were still magical devices that represented cutting-edge technology.) What the hell was going on?

When the CD came into the radio station, one of the guys in the music department recognized exactly what was going on.  We set things up so the strange audio was played down a phone directly into the modem of one of the only computers in the building.  

It was a fax!  And we were able to decode the text.  Here’s a video representation of what is still the coolest CD Easter egg I’ve ever encountered.

If you want the entire text, go here.

Alan Cross

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