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You Can Vote To Name the Toronto Capybara Babies After Rush, Because Why Not?

Remember those adorable fugitive capybaras that escaped from High Park Zoo last summer? The weird giant rodent walkabout went viral when they eluded authorities for more than a month? Turns out the pair have been busy! Appropriately named Bonnie and Clyde had three pups earlier this year, and the High Park Zoo is asking for help naming them. And the best suggestion that you should absolutely vote for is Alex, Geddy, and Neil.

The Toronto prog-rock legends have already been immortalized with a park named after them, and of course Rush’s music will live forever, but what’s wrong with a bit more cheeky honour? After more than 12,000 name suggestions were whittled down to 10 trios to vote for, Alex, Geddy, and Neil are by far the coolest choice on the list. Other suggestions included plenty of landmarks, celebrities, and cutesy nicknames: Mocha, Chino, Latte and Baby, Floyd, Dillinger are some of the other standouts.

The poll will be around until June 19, so check out all the options and have your say on the High Park Zoo website. If you’re curious, Snap, Crackle, Pop is in a commanding lead with just over 2,000 votes. Rush’s names are in a respectable second place with almost 900 votes at time of writing. If you want to make an impact beyond naming the capybara babies, the Zoo is also asking for donations to help improve the capybara enclosure. Maybe that includes beefed-up security, too!

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