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Tannoys are so well-regarded in the UK that the words “speaker” and “tannoy” are interchangeable, kind of like “tissue” and “Kleenex.” explores a wide range of options. [I have a set of Tannoys in my home studio. They’re very good. – AC]

Best Budget – Tannoy Reveal 402

Price £99 each (Call it $200 CAD)

For the money, there’s little out there to match these. Indeed Huw Price was blown away… “Things are getting a bit silly when you can get speakers as good as the 402s for so little money.

Sure you can pick them up on some deficiencies here and there if you want to be hyper-critical, but the frequency balance, imaging and clarity create a very good overall impression. The bass remains solid, even down to 50Hz or so, below which there’s a fairly rapid roll-off. You may notice a peak around the 120Hz mark, but it’s pretty much in line with what you would expect.

They have ample power, great looks and impressive sound quality for the price. Fine-sounding, a range of connection options and plenty of power.”


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