Need Music For Your Lyrics? There’s a Program For That.

So you have written yourself a beautiful poem or lyrics but you lack the technical ability to provide a score for your brilliance. Help may be on the way!

Got words but no melody? A machine learning system turns poetry into song by composing a pop music score to suit the lyrics it’s given.

“I was studying singing while I was doing my PhD in computer science,” says Margareta Ackerman at San Jose State University in California, who developed the system with David Loker at technology advisory firm Orbitwerks. “Over time, I started to think of computers as creative partners instead of tools, which could maybe help me write songs.”

The system, called ALYSIA, processes short lines of text and associates each syllable with a musical note. It chooses the pairing based on features including the syllable’s position in the word and how it will fit with the previous five notes.

So. How good is this thing?

The songs admittedly aren’t about to win any Grammys, but Ackerman says this is just the start. She initially imagined targeting ALYSIA at the electronic music community, but is now working on repurposing it for professional songwriters with the help of classical composers.

Ultimately, Ackerman hopes to create a system capable of composing all aspects of a song on its own. “We want to design a program able to generate the music, the lyrics, and ideally even the production and the singing by itself,” she says.

Is this a great thing or is this the tip of the next wave of industry generated hit churning? Time will tell. Read the whole story here.

Larry Lootsteen

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