Neil Gaiman to Perform on a Ukulele! (for a good cause too)

Cancer sucks. There is a good chance that you know someone or yourself has been affected by the diseases.

Science fiction author Jay Lake unfortunately knows this all to well. Jay has prostate cancer and things are not looking incredibly bright but there is the possibility that mapping his genome but lead to a path of treatment that just might help pull him through. It’s a very small chance and sadly, this is expensive.

But Jay is a well loved man in the sci fi / fantasy community and a bunch of his friends have donated “Acts of Whimsey” once certain levels of fundraising have been reached. For instance, writer Paul Cornell (who worked on some really good Doctor Who episodes and a fantastic series for DC Comics called Knight and Squire) set out to tackle Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights if the fundraiser reached $4000.

They did say “whimsey.”

This includes New York Times best selling author, Neil Gaiman performing a cover from the Magnetic Fields’ album 69 Love Songs accompanied by a ukulele if $20 000 was met. Which it has (as it stands at this writing, at least $35 000 of the $100 000 goal).

Now Neil hasn’t released the cover yet but this could be a little bit of a preview of what we might see, a video of Neil and his wife Amanda Palmer, performing Leon Payne’s “Psycho.”

Brent Chittenden

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