New Book: “10 Truths About Making It in Music”

There are many, many books written about how to make it in the music business, but I’ve been drawn to this one because of its easy-to-understand bluntness.

10 Truths About Making It in Music by Ben Brown features not just his analysis but advice from actual artists like OK Go, Anthrax, Dire Straits and 30 Seconds to Mars.  And it’s a totally free ebook!

First, he goes through “five things that are assured” about the business today.


  1. There’s more music than ever before and it’s mostly being discovered and consumed online.
  2. The next generation of music listeners won’t expect to have to pay for downloads.
  3. People will always watch live music.
  4. Your fan base will always be your most important asset.
  5. But they will expect more content, at their convenience, with your interaction.
The ten chapters, each based on a quote from an artist, go like this:
  1. Puddle Of Mudd’s Paul Phillips: “Success is not in the charts anymore.”
  2. Reader’s Wives’ Niall James: “No point in being good at music, and no good at business.”
  3. 30 Second To Mars’ Jared Leto:”We’re taking full advantage of the digital age here.”
  4. Dire Straits’ John Illsley: “How you get music out there is irrelevant, as long as people can hear it.”
  5. Gama Bomb’s Philly Byrne: “Music should be free.”
  6. Anthrax’ Scott Ian: “You better show up with a good sense of who you are as an artist.”
  7. OK-Go’s Damian Kulash: “YouTube is the main medium for videos now, not MTV.”
  8. Whitechapel’s Alex Wade: “So the only way we can really make any money and be able to do it as a career is to tour.”
  9. Sevendust guitarist on music marketing: “Plant the seed and it’s going to grow.”
  10. Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil: “Just believe in yourself.”


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Alan Cross

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