A New Conspiracy: How Old is Lorde Really?

I love to read about a good conspiracy–the JFK assassination, TWA Flight 800, 9-11, the Obama birther allegations and so on–but for ever compelling case are ten goofy ones.  This definitely falls in the goofy category.

Following Lorde’s appearance on the Grammys, some people claim to be skeptical about her age.  She’s 17? She wrote a song like “Royals” in 30 minutes when she was just 16?

Let’s go a little deeper.

  • What about this quote about the movie The Virgin Suicides:  “[The movie] really resonated with me as a teenager.  I mean, I am still a teenager.”
  • What she trying to say in “Team” when she sings “I’m kind of older when I reveled without a care”?
  • What’s with the “joke” she made in her to Vanity Fair when she said “Hi, I’m Ella, and I’m actually 45”?

And now someone is going after her birth certificate.  That document hasn’t surfaced yet, but this person did find a record of birth registration which allegedly lists someone named “Ella Marija Lani Yellich-O’Connor” (Lorde’s real name) as being born on November 7, 1996.  That would make her 17 as advertised.  But can you really trust this information?  After all, it’s a government document that’s easily forged.

For the record, I don’t believe any of this stuff, but some people do.  If you’re into this sort of thing, fill yer boots at Gawker.  (Thanks to Mark for the link. I think.)




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One thought on “A New Conspiracy: How Old is Lorde Really?

  • Main point:she’s younger than Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Lindsay Lohan, but as yet Lorde appears to be not just holding it together, but pointing it how ridiculous the aforementioned are.


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