New graffiti-inspired project highlights the oft-misunderstood element of hip hop

[This guest post is from Brad Fougere from Public Intox PR in Ottawa – AD]

Graffiti has long been a divisive artform. One of the four elements of hip hop, graffiti artists of all types have lived a gilt-edge existence.

Equal parts foreboding and vibrant, street art forms continue to be revered and embraced through cultural festivals like Ottawa’s House of PainT and Halifax’s Hopscotch Festival and enshrined as a cultural phenomenon in Winnipeg’s Graffiti Gallery and Miami’s Museum of Graffiti

A new vinyl release from Halifax’s Black Buffalo Records captures the essence of the element of graffiti. The DJ MROK-produced Outsiders Syndicate project Escape the Yard immerses listeners in a true homage to the artform’s early roots featuring ball bearing can shaking and screeching train brake samples along-side graffiti cinema snippets and rhymes from Artifacts’ MC El da Sensei and Outsiders Syndicate founder Nord1kone. 

The homage to the graffiti artists is available on splatter vinyl now at

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