This New MicroSD Card Can Store Over 100,000 MP3s

When it comes to taking songs with you, the champion portable music device remains the now-defunct 160 GB iPod Classic, which could comfortably hold about 40,000 songs. Why anyone would need such a device is a mystery to me, but that’s a discussion for another time.

The iPod Classic had an old-fashioned spinning hard drive which, as reliable as it was, still contained moving parts susceptible to all sorts of damage and failure. SSDs are great, but they can be awfully expensive. Another option is a microSD card.

ScanDisk has doubled the amount of memory they can stick on one of their cars. Two years ago, they released a 200 GB card. This week, they announced a version that can store 400 GB, which if we’re going to compare capacity to the iPod Classic, means it can hold more than 100,000 songs.

Of course, that’s not the main purpose. Photographers and videographers will love this thing as it extends the amount of time they have to change cards during a shoot. One tiny card–this thing is so small that it’s a choking hazard–can hold up to 40 hours of HD video. Transfer speed is up to 100 MB per second, meaning you can drain about 1,200 photos per minute from this thing.

The price? Not as expensive as you might think. It’ll go on sale soon for $250 USD.

(Via New Atlas)


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One thought on “This New MicroSD Card Can Store Over 100,000 MP3s

  • September 1, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    I got the 160 GB classic back in 2010. The hard drive stopped spinning last summer. Cracked it open and popped in a new one that ran about $50 (American) at the time. I dig old iPod design. It’s faster for me to browse and I know that it won’t be bogged down by other applications built in. But 160 GB is great for movies and music videos. Sometimes when I go on road trips that take out a good chunk of the day, I like to put on a feature film to help pass the time. But when it comes to music, it’s convenient, but a lot of it was a one time listen. It wasn’t and probably won’t ever be absolutely necessary to have that much space for music.


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