New Music From The Inbox: Donna Missal, Little May, Hand Habits, and more!

Artist: Rozi Plain
Song: Conditions
Album: What a Boost

An enchanting track with a soft sweetness and colourful, interesting instrumentation. It’s easy to get lost in this one. 


Artist: Donna Missal
Song: Get Well
Album: This Time

This intimate and anthemic piano pop track is a reminder that it’s okay to be alone.

Artist: EZI
Song: Take My Breathe Away

A lush, melancholic pop track with softly passionate vocals that will give you chills. 


Artist: Little May
Song: Apples
Album: Blame My Body

I love how the laid back vocals of this catchy rock track contrast a high energy that boils over in the punchy drums and shimmering guitars. Definitely a vibe. 


Artist: Hand Habits
Song: What Lovers Do
Album: Placeholder

This folk-rock track is intimate with an atmospheric grandeur, making for something with a magically soft and impactful.


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