New Music From The Inbox, 14 January 2013: Skinny Lister, Rebel Light, FLOTE, Elephant Stone and Nathan K

[Monday is when Juliette Jagger gets to provide final judgement on a batch of submissions to the inbox.  Here’s her latest verdict. – AC]

Artist: Skinny Lister, “Rollin’ Over”

Album: Forge & Flagon
Infectious, hook-laden, foot stompin’ UK folk rock.

Sounds like:  A hard workin love song.


Artist: The Rebel Light, “My Heroes Are Dead”

Album: Self-Titled

Right off the top this song rides out on the back of a chorus with the most killer, electric string arrangements you’re dying to hear it again.

Sounds like: This is a great band.



Artist: FLOTE, “The Cascades”

Album: Sacred Wisdom 


Think of Philadelphia by way of Connecticut musician/producer FLOTE’s sound as high frequency meditative music. Try it out for yourself.

Sounds like:  Atmospheric / hip-hop / electronic

Link/Listen/Watch: Listen to a stream here.

Artist: Elephant Stone, “Heavy Moon”

Album: Self-Titled

Sometimes a song comes along that has all the right elements and it is merely the job of the band to give it exactly what it needs, to deliver it, and nothing more.

Sounds like: A clue.


Artist: Nathan K, “Ghosts”

Album: Dishes


Recorded in a hospital waiting room over the course of one winter, Dishes is folk music from a hurt and hopefully heart. Great artwork too.

Sounds like: “a beam of light”


Juliette Jagger

Juliette Jagger is a Canadian music journalist. She is on Twitter @juliettejagger.

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