New Music From The Inbox, 19 August 2013: Goldfrapp, MALPAS, The StoneWolf Band, Miesha & The Spanks’ and Minor Alps

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Goldfrapp “Drew”
Tales of Us
There is something so incredibly cinematic about this song from Goldfrapp. Well-worded lyrics uttered just under her breath are delicate but dark while the string arrangements are suggestive of something just beneath the surface.

Sounds like: “You me and the moon.”


Artist: MALPAS “Charlemagne”
Promise EP
Emerging from tinkering and tankering into a lush, layered and elegant track, “Charlemagne” swells with the sound of synths and heartfelt “woo, woo, woos.”

Sounds like: “I remember what you said, that in the morning I’ll be dead. I’ll finally get some peace at last.”


Artist: The StoneWolf Band “My Ukulele”
My Ukulele
It’s hard not to like this one from The StoneWolf Band (Lisbon, Portugal). It’s that breezy Jack Johnson melodic surf rock meets Ben Harper’s type of bluesy reggae groove.

Sounds like: “I’m going to be the only one who loves you.”



Artist: Miesha & The Spanks’ “Please Don’t Blow”
Girls Like Wolves
“Please Don’t Blow” is loud scrappy power-garage rock with bite.

Sounds like: Live off the floor.

Link/Listen/Watch: Stream it HERE.

Artist: Minor Alps “Buried Plans”
Get There
This is a really great tune. Gordon Lightfoot-esc in it’s songwriting, it’s about keeping your biggest plans under wraps for fear of failing to ever bring them into existence.

Sounds like: “Such a loner, hardly bring anyone over, I keep everything as quiet as I can.”

Link/Listen/Watch:  Stream it HERE.



Juliette Jagger

Juliette Jagger is a Canadian music journalist. She is on Twitter @juliettejagger.

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