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New Music From The Inbox 14 Dec 2015: Illitry, Youth Model, Local Business Comedy, Monogold, Twin Limb

By: Juliette Jagger (@juliettejagger)

Artist: Illitry “Fall”
Sunset EP
Hamilton electronic outfit Illitry have returned with a brand new song titled “Fall.” Off of their Sunset EP, this track haunts like an echo on the air.



Artist: Youth Model “Open Season”
Open Season

Charleston, South Carolina, alt-rock duo Youth Model has just released a brand new song titled “Open Season.” The track is about the fear and trepidation we all feel when wrestling with the idea of revealing our true selves to another. If you’re a fan of Snow Patrol or Mutemath you’ll dig this one. These guys know rock structure but understand the power of lightly dustin’ it with a little pop.



Artist: Local Business Comedy
Gift Up

Local Business Comedy, the Los Angeles-based sketch comedy trio who brought us Kreezus, the Yeezus Christmas parody album in 2014, are back with Gift Up, a Christmas parody album based on The Postal Service’s classic, Give Up. If The Postal Service ever decided to make a Christmas album where Ben Gibbard believed he is Santa Claus, it would pretty much be this.



Artist: Monogold “Pink Lemonade”
This Bloom

Brooklyn trio Monogold have just released a brand new video for their song “Pink Lemonade.” Filmed in a single take, the video features a ton of cheeky nods to pop culture memes of decades past. From Andy Warhol, Soy Bomb (!), and mermaids to Dracula, witches, and werewolves, you name it and it’s probably in there––nothing is off limits.



Artist: Twin Limb “Don’t Even Think”
Anything Is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense

Off of their current album Anything Is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense, “Don’t Even Think” from Louisville trio Twin Limb is the sonic marriage of Sinéad O’Connor and Florence Welch.





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