New Music From The Inbox: 30 Oct 2013: Blk Jks, Ben Landis, Scofidio & Glazier and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Blk Jks, “Tselane”  

Album: N/A 


I ran across this band again watching Anthony Bourdain’s latest show on South Africa.  Beautifully talented bunch!

Sounds like:  A prayer, a plea, a wish



Artist: Ben Landis, “Through The Forest”  

Album: Adventures in Pixels 


Okay, this will seem weird but I thought I’d share.  This guy has a combo album/comic available on iTunes.  Go on.  Look.  You know you wannnnnnnnaaaaaa.

Sounds like:  Donkey Kong



Artist: Scofidio and Glazier, “1847”

Album: N/A


This New York state duo has some amazing sounds.  I really like this track.

Sounds like:  A conglomeration of styles



Artist: Cupla, “Lateral Lines”

Album: N/A


If you like those rocky blues, this up-and-coming Vancouver band has something for you.

Sounds like:  Fresh old school




Artist: Jupiter Spiral, “Luminatrix”  

Album: Jupiter Spiral


Have to love any band that calls itself  indie-psychedelic and hails from New Mexico

Sounds like:  A bit of old Pink Floyd


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