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New Music From The Inbox: Alice Merton, Saint Sister, Christine and the Queens, and more!

Artist: Alice Merton
Song: Why So Serious
Album: Mint

No need to be serious while listening to this new fun, anthemic electric guitar laden track from Alice Merton’s debut album Mint, out January 18th!


Artist: Saint Sister
Song: You Never Call
Album: Shape of Silence

This haunting soundscape is both delicate and anthemic, absolutely beautiful song from this Irish duo’s forthcoming debut album, out October 5!


Artist: The Desert
Song: Gone

This haunting track is dark and simplistic with a big impact.


Artist: Christine and the Queens
Song: La Marcheuse
Album: Chris

Simple and bold, this song will leave you feeling breathless.


Artist: O Mer
Song: Anthem

This glitchy, grandiose electro music gives me James Blake vibes.



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