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New Music from the Inbox: Altin Gün, Sam Fender, Alela Diane, and more!

Artist: Altin Gün
Song: Leylim Ley

Turkish psych-folk band Altin Gün have added brilliant new single Leylim Ley to their immaculate discography. Their unique fusion of genres and high energy makes them one of the most exciting groups releasing music right now. Expect a new album out in early 2023!


Artist: Sam Fender
Song: Wild Grey Ocean
Album:  Seventeen Going Under – Live Deluxe Edition

Wild Grey Ocean will be included on the forthcoming Seventeen Going Under – Live Deluxe Edition, which will be released December 9!


Artist: Naïma Frank
Song: Stay (Where You Going)
Album: Petite fille devient grande

Stay (Where You Going) is the 3rd single off Naïma Frank’s upcoming EP, Petite fille devient grande, to be released on November 4th!


Artist: Kuri
Song: Modern Mayhem
Album: I Love You, You’re Welcome

Kuri explains this beautiful folk track:“I had never really written a song ‘about’ being in high school, and I felt it was time to do that. I think writing songs IN high school is a lot different than reflecting after the matter. This song in particular is about the ways I would mask myself, as many people do, and the ways in which I would find comfort and freedom in the confines of my room.” It’ll be on his sophomore album, I Love You, You’re Welcome, out October 21!


Artist: Alela Diane
Song: Dream A River
Album: Looking Glass

I love the intoxicating vocals and lush instrumentation on this song from Alela Diane’s new album, Looking Glass, out now!


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