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New Music From The Inbox: Amber Run, Hedara, Belle and Sebastian, and more!

Artist: Amber Run
Song: Affection
Album: Philophobia

Vibe-y guitars and big drums give this alt rock track a sensitive and brooding yet grand and majestic sound, while expressive vocals soaked in longing make it a truly special one to remember.


Artist: Hedara
Song: Frozen

Passionate vocals and simple guitar picking with sparing drums give this song an intimate and expressive quality, while honest lyircs give it a raw honesty that feels rare to find. 


Artist: Belle & Sebastian
Song: Sister Buddha

With its simple throwback rock vibes and gentle vocals, this song shines with a comforting, shimmering light.


Artist: Harry Heart
Song: Montaigne

This alt-rock is a captivating mix of grit and sensitivity topped with heavenly vocals.


Artist: Mwansa ft. Lauren Joy
Song: Wildest Dreams

This spirited alt-rock ballad has a big build and soulful vocals that are packed with emotion.


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