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New Music from the Inbox: Angelo De Augustine, Peggy Gou, Spoon, and more!

Artist: Angelo De Augustine
Song: Toil and Trouble
Album: Toil and Trouble

This enchanting folk song is the title track of Angelo De Augustine’s upcoming album, out June 30! Of the meaning behind the song, De Augustine explains: “As we all know, we are living in a world within another. A place of specific curation and design where the mind is the chief architect in command. I often wonder who the mind is working for? Who is behind the curtain pulling the strings and transmitting the messages?”


Artist: Peggy Gou
Song: (It Goes Like) Nanana

This electro/house track marks the highly anticipated return of Peggy Gou, an artist, producer, DJ, and cultural icon, after a two-year hiatus.


Artist: Spoon
Song: Silver Girl
Album: Memory Dust

This melancholy indie-rock track is from Spoon’s new EP, Memory Dust: a collection of unreleased material from their 2022 album, Lucifer on the Sofa.


Artist: Arctic Lake
Song: My Weakness
Album: How Do You Make It Look So Easy

This atmospheric, immersive indie-pop song is from Arctic Lake’s upcoming EP, How Do You Make It Look So Easy, out later this summer! Singer Emma Foster explains: “My Weakness’ talks about how loving someone can become both your greatest strength and greatest weakness and how there’s a quiet beauty in that, that can take your breath away. It’s a love song. There’s fear of rejection interwoven in there because that feels like a very universal fear surrounding the story of human love. But ultimately it’s a song about worshipping someone and telling them whether you win or lose because they deserve to know how special they are.”


Artist: Lontalius
Song: Peace of Mind
Album: Life On The Edge Of You

This sparse, magnetic alt-pop is from New Zealand artist Eddie Johnston’s (aka Lontalius) new album, Life On The Edge Of You, out now! Of the new record, Johnston says: “To me, albums are very much time capsules of what was going on in my brain for the last two or three years. And it’s beautiful that instead of it being just my own little internal thing, it becomes something that other people can see their own experiences in. I really enjoy this process of just me pouring my heart out into this bizarre diary therapy session type thing, and then other people can hear it and take it.”


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