New Music from the Inbox: Bad Bad Hats, Lykke Li, Maps & Atlases, and more!

Artist: Bad Bad Hats

Song: Write It On Your Heart

Album: Lightning Round

This first taste from Bad Bad Hats sophomore album (out August 3rd) is irresistibly inviting with warm vocals and guitar rhythms.


Artist: Lykke Li

Song: Hard Rain

Album: So Sad So Sexy

This lush, dark pop is so stunning with it’s captivating harmonies, heavy beats, and unexpected twists and turns to keep you on your toes.


Artist: Maps & Atlases

Song: Violet Threaded

Album: Lightlessness is Nothing New

This song has so many good melodies, each just as cool and captivating as the next. Definitely one for repeat listens and grooving along.


Artist: Kailee Morgue

Song: Do You Feel This Way

Cool bass and catchy melodies give this dark pop it’s hit quality while glitchy synths and an unexpected hazy ending keep it refreshingly innovative and interesting.


Artist: Goon

Song: Choke Throat

Album: Dusk of Punk/Happy Omen

Tasty guitar picking and irresistible chord progressions are decorated with saxophone on this mesmerizing alt-rock track.



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