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New Music From The Inbox: Bass Lions, The Foreign Resort, The Velvet Hands, Beliefs, The Motorleague

By: Juliette Jagger (@juliettejagger)

Artist: Bass Lions “Be Your Man (Remix – Giant Eyeball Version)”
Album: Self-titled
Off of their 2014 self-titled LP, this remix of “Be Your Man” from Kitchener band Bass Lions, has been rebuilt from the original stripped back vocal track into a mantra with stark lyrics and production akin to that of a modern love song.



Artist: The Foreign Resort “Under Bright Neon Stars”
The American Dream

Off of their forthcoming EP The American Dream, due out on October 23rd, “Under Bright Neon Stars” from Danish trio The Foreign Resort is moody, melodic new-wave with a hint of Angles and Airwaves for good measure.



Artist: The Velvet Hands “Games”
“Games,” from The Velvet Hands is a testament to the obvious potential of this young London duo. With their scrappy garage rock sound and appreciation for acts like The Strokes, The Libertines, The Clash, and the Buzzcocks, not to mention born frontman Dan Able, if this was the record business of yesteryear someone would have already scooped these two up and given them a development deal. Here’s hoping someone still does.



Artist: Beliefs “1992”

Off of their forthcoming sophomore album Leaper, which is due out on November 13th via Hand Drawn Dracula, Toronto shoegaze duo Beliefs resurrect all of the fuzz and reverb of early Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine on their latest single “1992.”



Artist: The Motorleague “The Boards”
Holding Patterns

Off of their third full-length album Holding Patterns, which is due out October 16th via Sonic Records, “The Boards” from Moncton, New Brunswick’s The Motorleague is straight up balls-to-the-wall hook-laden Canadian hard rock.


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