New Music from the Inbox: Bastille, The Lumineers, The Wombats, and more!

Artist: Geneviève Racette feat. Dallas Green
Song: Someone
Album: Satellite

Two brilliant Canadian singer-songwriters team up on this one, City & Colour’s Dallas Green and one-to-watch Geneviève Racette. Geneviève explains the meaning behind the song: “Sometimes life throws feelings at you and they’re meant to act as signals. Personally, this was an alarm constantly ringing in my ears telling me my relationship had to end.” Geneviève Racette’s upcoming album, Satellite, will be out March 18!


Artist: Bastille
Song: Shut Off The Lights
Album: Give Me The Future

Bastille are a gem in the indie-pop scene, with anthemic compositions and grand visual worlds that go along with each album. Shut Off The Lights has a bright and joyous island feel! Lead singer Dan Smith says it’s “about being pulled out of your future-fearing anxieties by the person you’re lying next to. It’s about intimacy and physical connection, rejecting our worries about life and the future for a minute, and unplugging from it all to really be present.” From their upcoming album, Give Me The Future, out February 4!


Artist: The Lumineers
Song: Where We Are
Album: Brightside

This indie-folk song is from The Lumineers new album, Brightside, which is out now!


Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 10.06.01 AM.png

Artist: The Wombats
Song: This Car Drives All By Itself
Album: Fix Yourself, Not The World

The Wombats explain that this upbeat indie-rock song is about “how maybe we’re not as in control of our lives as we think we are, and that time and entropy are pretty powerful things. We row but the universe steers, and I want to learn to be ok with that.”


Artist: Valley

(pick smthn from new valley album)

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