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New Music from the Inbox: BLOW,, Jamie Drake, and more!

Artist: Giulia.
Song: Dreamy Girl
EP: Night Before

Giulia.’s debut ep, Night Before, brings with it 7 indie-folk songs that glow with sincerity and charm. With expansive vocals and sparkles of piano spread on a relaxing guitar background, Dreamy Girl sounds like a night sky full of stars.


Artist: BLOW
Song: One Life
Album: Shake The Disease

Relaxed, atmospheric, and groovy, with an attractive pop-sensibility. BLOW’s upcoming album, Shake The Disease, will be out fall 2021!


Artist: Mia Pixley
Song: In The Daylight
Album: Margaret in the Wild

Sparse and rhythmic, with twinkling piano and soulful vocals. An entrancing, beautiful song from Mia Pixley’s upcoming album, Margaret in the Wild, out July 23!


Song: Greed
Album: Thicker Than Water

This R&B track demonstrates stunning vocal talent. says his debut album “is about my chosen family, and my journey to understanding how lucky I am to have been able to choose my family, and be chosen by them.” Thicker Than Water is out now!



Artist: Jamie Drake
Song: Here Comes The Light

A very sweet folk tune from Jamie Drake!


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