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New Music from the Inbox: Chappell Roan, Tom Odell, Stephen Sanchez, and more!

Artist: Chappell Roan
Song: Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl
Album: The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess

About her debut album, Chappell says, “After 4 years in the making comes my 14-song album holding stories of unearthing my true self and fearlessly embracing queerness. My whole project is a rebellion to how I was raised. I want what I never had-a safe place to dress, sing, and dance however you want to, and be who you truly are. I think the album encapsulates the whole process of birthing a new me and then ultimately abandoning it.”The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess is out now!


Artist: Tom Odell
Song: Black Friday

Speaking about “Black Friday” Tom explains “I wrote this song on my birthday last year, which happened to be the day before ‘Black Friday.’ The song is inspired by my admiration and love for the people in my life, but also my proclivity to be unkind to myself. It’s a love song, I think, and I’m very proud of it, and I hope people like it.”


Artist: Stephen Sanchez feat. Laufey
Song: No One Knows
Album: Angel Face

On his inspiration for his debut album, Angel Face, Stephen explains, “This record, for me, is the antithesis of love’s entire humanity. It is here to empower those drawn to the cosmic signs that put two souls in the same place at the right moment. The hope is to evoke memories and be a soundtrack for new ones, that these songs might allow strangers to be caught in a feeling long enough for love to grow.” Angel Face is out now!


Artist: Almost Monday
Song: Coast To Coast

This summery single is the latest from California based indie pop trio Almost Monday.


Artist: Bo Milli
Song: I’m In
EP: Making Friends

I’m In is a radiant final taste of Norway-based indie-rocker Bo Milli”s upcoming debut EP Making Friends, out October 19! Bo Milli explains: “It’s about saying something very hurtful but true in the heat of an argument and regretting how it was said but knowing that it couldn’t remain unsaid. If we can work through this, then I’m in.”


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  • Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl needs to be a hit!


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