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New Music From The Inbox: Chvrches, Haarm, Harrison Lipton, and more!

Artist: Chvrches

Song: Miracle

Album: Love Is Dead

This euphoric alt-pop has a towering energy that can’t be ignored. Big drums and an anthemic chorus make this new Chvrches song sound like an instant hit.


Artist: Haarm

Song:  Box of Bones

Surprisingly this is not at all a heavy metal song, which is good if you want to hear some dark, kaleidoscopic alt rock that overflows with infectious energy (however, bad if you were hoping for heavy metal).


Artist: Harrison Lipton

Song: Clouds

Album: Loveliness

This simplistic, dreamy track and its smooth, blissful vocals will make you feel like you are floating in the clouds.



Artist: Chastity

Song: Children

Album: Death Lust

This song is a wall of heavy guitars and drums with just enough windows of melodic sunlight coming through to make it shine in it’s darkness.

Artist: Jill Barber
Song: Girl’s Gotta Do
Album: Metaphora
Girl’s Gotta Do is a fun, dark, rhythmic blues-rock song with a bold chorus that is sure to stick in your head and keep you dancing all day long.

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