September 16, 2023
Recommended Music

New Music from the Inbox: COIN, Paula Fuga, Les Louanges, and more!

Artist: Uwade
Song: The Man Who Sees Tomorrow

This second ever original song from twenty-one year old Nigerian-American artist Uwade is a showcase of incredible vocal and songwriting talent. It’s intimate, elegant, and expressive, making Uwade an instant one to watch!


Artist: COIN
Song: How It Feels
Album: Rainbow Mixtape

You can find this sparkling and irresistible indie pop track on COIN’s new album, Rainbow Mixtape, out now!


Artist: Neb.
Song: Sing It For Yourself
EP: Silhouette Of Yesteryear

This very pretty and melancholic tune is on Toronto based Neb.’s debut EP, Silhouette Of Yesteryear, out now!


Artist: Paula Fuga feat. Jack Johnson
Song: If Ever
Album: Rain On Sunday

A lovely little duet from Paula Fuga, featuring folk icon Jack Johnson. It’ll be on Paula’s upcoming album, Rain On Sunday, out June18!


Artist: Les Louanges
Song: Pigeons

I love the relaxed vibe and lush textures from this new single of French-Canadian artist Vincent Roberge, aka Les Louanges.


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