New Music From The Inbox: Coloured Clocks, Taken By Trees, Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk’s, Baby Alpaca, & Breached

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Coloured Clocks “Maze”
Coloured Clocks is James Wallace. Love the slow drawn out groove of this song. It’s tame but in a real feel good 60’s kind of way.

Sounds like: Ambient pop


Artist: Taken By Trees “Only You”
Other Worlds
A breezy kind of love song.

Sounds like:  Island indie.


Artist: Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk’s “Fragile”

Over Land And Sea
There is something big and beautiful about Lauren Mann’s voice, and “Fragile” keeps moving to the sound of single strings plucking.

Sounds like: Hallow.


Artist: Baby Alpaca “Sea Of Dreams”
Baby Alpaca EP
This one from NYC band Baby Alpaca is such a beauty – Chris Kittrell’s vocals are still, sturdy, and never in a rush.

Sounds like: Pretty dreamy.


Artist: Breached “Time”
Revolution Sessions EP
Solid singer.

Sounds like: Staind – has a real early 00’s rock feel to it.


Brent Chittenden

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