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New Music from the Inbox: Cory Wong, Gena Rose Bruce, Daisy the Great, and more!

Artist: Caro
Song: from the heart <3
Album: wild at <3 

 This mesmerizing, glitchy synth symphony comes from the French-born, London-based caro♡. Her sophomore album wild at <3 will be out on September 8! About this new self written and produced single, Caro says: “I like ‘instrumentals’ or songs with voices but no words, because it sometimes seems more honest in a way, or more straight to the point, it’s out of any cultural consideration and it’s almost like it belongs to another realm because it can touch someone and convey specific feelings without the use of the rational parts of the brain, like it goes straight to your heart.”


Artist: Cory Wong feat. Dodie
Song: Call Me Wild
Album: The Lucky One

Of collaborating with dodie, GRAMMY® Award-nominated songwriter, producer, and guitarist extraordinaire Cory Wong says that “Some people just have the ‘it’ factor when it comes to creativity and expressing the feelings and vibe of the world around them. dodie is one of those artists! Sometimes it’s serious and somber, and other times it’s fun and light. dodie and I have talked about collaborating on something for a long time. We both wanted to write and record something that felt like it really felt like it was true to we are as individuals, but something that we would potentially never write on our own. That’s the thing I love the most about collaboration.”


Artist: Ora Cogan
Song: Katie Cruel
Album: Formless

This haunting, genre bending folk song is “a tragic ballad about a sex worker traveling with light infantry soldiers.” You can find it on Ora Cogan’s upcoming album, Formless, out August 25!


Artist: Daisy The Great
Song: Tough Kid

 Daisy The Great explain that this charming, harmony laden indie-folk song “about feeling scared that you’re not able to keep up, like you’re all scrambled up and overwhelmed and ten steps behind everyone else. It’s about wanting to be able to handle everything and not understanding how it seems like everyone else can do it all. The song is a wish to talk yourself out of your insecurities. We hope that it can be a safe spot for anyone feeling that way – we’ve been there and we hope the song can be a reminder to trust your own instincts and believe in yourself and allow yourself space to mess up.”  This is the second song from their upcoming EP, which will be released October 6!


Artist: Gena Rose Bruce
Song: Destroy Myself (Avoid Myself Orchestral Version)
EP: Lighting Up

This enchanting orchestral reworking of her song Destroy Myself comes from Gena Rose Bruce’s upcoming EP, Lighting Up, out on September 1!


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