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New Music from the Inbox: Daisy the Great, Isabel LaRosa, Flipturn, and more!

Artist: Daisy the Great
Song: Easy

Daisy the Great has released the ultimate summer jam alongside a charming DIY music video. Enchanting harmonies overlay an intoxicating groove, making for absolute indie-pop gold. The Brooklyn-based duo explains that Easy is “a breakup song about all of the complicated – i.e. not always easy – feelings that come along with the end of a relationship. The song is about learning to trust yourself, finding joy in loving yourself, feeling hope! At the same time, it’s about how sometimes even when something isn’t right, it still hurts to let it go.”


Artist: Sabrina Song
Song: Doors

This alt-pop song from Brooklyn-based Sabrina Song is sparse and rhythmic, with shockingly rich vocals. It’s brilliantly written, produced, and performed all by Sabrina herself. She explains it’s “about a toxic relationship where no matter what you do or say, they are never satisfied. I reference specific moments throughout my life where it feels as though I was letting someone down or being let down myself, yet was still made to feel as though it was my fault. The chorus shows that feeling you have when you just need to get out of a situation and be alone to process. Look out for Doors on her upcoming EP, due out this winter!


Artist: Isabel LaRosa
Song: HELP

Isabel LaRosa explains that this dark and electrifying electro pop is about “how it feels to always listen to and always be there for everyone around you, but never have that reciprocated. It’s that feeling of only giving while wanting to scream for help just to have anyone pay attention.”


Artist: Flipturn
Song: Whales

The vocals on this atmospheric indie rock song are spellbinding. Flipturn explains:“‘Whales’ overall is about giving so much to something; somewhat blindly putting your heart into it, only to be let down most of the time. It’s about how much a heart can endure before it loses feeling all together. The song is an internal conversation where a heart is explaining it can’t do any more, and its owner can’t do anything but to simply accept and understand.”


Artist: Waax
Song: Read Receipts
Album: At Least I’m Free

The raw, passionate vocal delivery really makes this post-punk song something special. Find it on the upcoming Waax album, At Least I’m Free, out August 5!


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