New Music From The Inbox: Dead Messenger, Digits, Portage & Main, Kingsley Flood & Dungeonesse.

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Dead Messenger “ToothComb”

Noisy fuzzed-out pop punk rock and roll.

Sounds like: If you ever liked the band Brandston you’ll dig these guys.


Artist: Digits “Nowhere To Hide”
In The City Of The Dead

Bold electro-soul.

Sounds like:  infectious repetition.


Artist: Portage & Main “Never Had The Time”
Never Had The Time

There is something incredibly classic and warm about Portage & Main. 

Sounds like: This band pays a real homage to the country and folk genres, but also to rock bands like the Allman Brothers, CCR, and The Band.

Link/Listen/Watch: Stream it on Soundcloud.

Artist: Kingsley Flood “Strongman”

There is something so urgent and electric about this band – they just absolutely give it.

Sounds like: Potent song-writing and an arresting live performance.


Artist: Dungeonesse “Shucks”

I love a song like this – a little off kilter and unexpected.

Sounds like: 90’s pop bordering on R&B.


Brent Chittenden

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