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New Music from the Inbox: Doechii, Poppy, Zella Day, and more!

Artist: Doechii
Song: Stressed

With striking versatility and confidence, Doechii has huge star power and is clearly at the beginning of an impressive career.


Artist: Elke
Song: Milk Dipped Cloud
EP: My Human Experience

Elke’s avant-pop EP, My Human Experience, will be out on October 28!


Artist: Zella Day
Song: Bunny
Album: Sunday In Heaven

Zella Day’s new album, Sunday in Heaven, is out now!


Artist: Poppy
Song: Stagger

This is the title track from Poppy’s new EP, which is out now!


Artist: Kainalu
Song: Ginseng Hourglass
Album: Ginseng Hourglass

This psychedelic funk song is the title track from Kainalu’s upcoming sophomore album, out November 4!


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