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New Music from the Inbox for June 25, 2018: The Dead Love, Jake & The Jellyfish, Avantist, & More!

Artist: The Dead Love
Song: “Ordinary”
Album: Single

Sydney band The Dead Love have a cool, grungy style.


Artist: Jake & The Jellyfish
Song: “Spokesdog”
Album: Long In Winters

Jake & The Jellyfish create a unique sound with their blend of punk and folk.


Artist: Avantist
Song: “UVB_76”
Album: Terasoma EP

From their latest EP, this song by Chicago’s post-punk band Avantist is based on a mysterious radio signal that broadcasts in Russia.


Artist: Rotana
Song: “Crime”
Album: Single

Saudi Arabian artist Rotana has been releasing stripped back demos with no mastering or mixing, and this is her latest one.


Artist: The New Respects
Song: “We Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”
Album: Single

From their upcoming debut album, The New Respects’ latest single is all about them.


Artist: The Kooks
Song: “All The Time”
Album: Single

This band is getting ready to release their fifth album after a successful US tour.


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